Thursday, December 31, 2009

Got Some Extra Hockey Cards Laying Around?

You could make this. Of course you'd also need an engineering degree. It boggles my mind.

Top 10 Favorite Action Shots of 2009

There was no way I could narrow 8,000 pictures down into 5 favorite action shots, so I did 10. Everyone loves a Top 10. These are my favorite action shot. Action shots are tough. I'm not very talented, I have a very basic DSLR and I sit in different spots. I'm no Mr. Fred, but I managed to find some pictures I really liked. These aren't necessarily great pictures, but they are pictures taken during an actual game (not warm up) and I like them for crazy reason or another.

10. Clarkson in front of the net. My husband and I went to Raleigh for Game 6 of the series between the New Jersey Devils and the Carolina Hurricanes. HORRIBLE out come, the Devils got shut out. I like this picture though because I like Clarkson and he is working hard trying to make something happen. You can also see that bastard Cam Ward (a/k/a robogoalie last season).

9. Nabby trying to glove an airborne puck. Serge and I went to Nashville in March to see the Sharks take on the Predators. We had great seats and I took a ton of pictures I liked. I love this picture because you can see the puck in mid air. I wish you could see Nabby, but oh well.

8. Tim Thomas being fantastical. Nothing like a picture where you see the back of the goalie and a few blurry shots of the others guys. I like it because you can see the puck to the side where Tim just made a great save.

7. Rich Peverley's shoot-out goal on Ty Conklin. Pevs is blurry, but I love that you can see the puck in the net (red arrow) and you can see his watter bottle in the air (white arrow).

6. Kaptain Kovy fights. Not a great picture, but a picture of a great event. The fans went nuts when he and McCabe fought. It was after this fight that Kovy signaled to the crowd to cheer loudly as he was escorted to the box.

5. Pavs tracking the Puck. Not the best picture, but I love how you can see Pavs' eyes following the puck.

4. The Vokounator. Great shot of Vokoun butterflying left-to-right to make the save. If you look at the little red arrow you can see a Thrasher's stick with the puck on it.

3. Toby singing soprano in 3...2...1. This picture cracks me up. You can see Toby bracing himself to take one for the team. It did NOT hit him fortunately.

2. Hockey... U R doin it rite. Marty Reasoner is totally busting his ass trying to get a goal on Ozzy. He's working so hard his tongue is hanging out.

Drum Roll!!!

My favorite action shot of 2009

1. Jared Boll and Toby Enstrom in front of the net. For most of the other pictures, they aren't that great, but I like something about it. I actually think this is a good picture. I love the intensity on their faces and I love Pavs peeking through the two of them.

Sidney Crosby's Famous Dryer

Hate Sydeny Crosby? I really don't give a shit. Love him? Hey that's great. What makes the video for me is Max Talbot. I love how Max has to bring up his Game 7 goals.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blahopřejeme Kubina and Pavelec!

The Czech Republic announced it's Olympic Team today and two Thrashers were on the roster.

Pavel Kubina will be on defence.

Ondrej Pavelec will be minding net. Actually he will probably be minding the bench for most games as he is backing up Tomas Vokoun, but you never know what might happen. I'm hoping he gets a few games in.

Congratulations guys, we are proud of you!


Fortunately I didn't see the Thrashers' game tonight against Boston, I was scrapbooking. That's right, I'd rather glue paper together with stay-at-home moms than watch what when down tonight in Boston. Atlanta, one of the last teams in the NHL to be shut out, fell to Boston 4-0.

So many problems in this game, where to begin? As usually, we were woefully out shot 18 to 30. We weren't putting enough shots on net and they were getting too many on us. Our goaltending, which has been decently solid with moments of brilliance, was way off. Pavs was pulled late in the 1st period after allowing 3 goals on 10 shots (SV% or .700 for the game, eek). Moose came in and mopped up the best he could, allowing 1 goal on 20 shots.

It seems that lately the wheels are just falling off. Our penalty kill, once very strong is sagging. Strangely enough our power play has improved a little. We've never had an issue scoring, but tonight, even that was a problem.

Moose was quoted as saying:

"I can't see too many positives," Hedberg said. "The only thing you can take from it is you have to feel like it's a wakeup call for us as a team and we have to realize it's not fun. We've been in this situation the three years I've been here in Atlanta. We have good stretches and we have terrible stretches and all of a sudden the terrible stretch is too long and you're out of the playoff picture."

I hope Moose is right and the team wakes the hell up. Other wise, our season is going to look like this.

Top 5 Thrashers Goalie Pics of 2009

I've got sooooo many good shots of our goalies. I wanted to find my favorite pictures, not necessarily the best, just my favorite.

5. Dan Turple gets called up. I love this shot because it looks like he is looking up at the arena like "Wow, I'm really here." He didn't play and is probably thinking "Wow, there is no one here," or maybe "Wow, there are a lot of Barfalo fans here."

4. Pavs and his new mask. I have a picture of Pavelec taken last year that I adore, but this one is very close AND it shows off his new mask with his homage to the Atlanta Flames.

3. Drinking Moose. No explanation needed.

2. Kari looking at his goalie stick. This is probably my favorite picture of Kari I've taken. I love the way his mask is up and he's looking at his goalie stick, almost like a knight.

1. Moose. There is really nothing to call this picture. I don't even know why I like it. Something about the angle of the picture and the expression on Johan's face just makes me love it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Top 5 Favorite Non-Thrasher Goalie Pics of 2009

The Thrashers aren't in town and instead of letting the blog die for another week, I thought I'd do some count downs with my pictures. Too bad I didn't have this fabulous idea a week ago, but oh well. I have a few ideas for the rest of the year and maybe a bit past.

I love taking pictures. I love goalies. Of course I LOVE taking pictures of goalies. I adore goalies anyway, but they are much more still and easy to photograph. Plus they have the cool masks. They are just cool and I love them. I tried to make the count down on pictures I actually liked as opposed to how much I like said goalie in the picture. I'm not saying these pictures are great or are my best, they are just my favorites for one weird reason or another. So on with the useless countdown.

5. They Habbity Hop. I was super excited to see Khabibulin when he came through Blueland this February. I didn't get him in mid air, but he does this squat-jump thing that is quite fun to watch.

4. The Nabby Stare Down. My husband and I went up to Nashville in March to see the Predators take on the San Jose Sharks. I love this picture because Nabby looks like he wants to murder someone.

3. The Animated Little French Canadian, Martin Biron. When the Flyers came through in February, I couldn't wait to take pictures of Biron. I have so many great pictures of him where you can see his beautiful eyes, but I like this one because it kind of shows his chatty, animated personality. He was very into his conversation and waving his glove around.

2. Puck Handling Brodeur. My husband and I made the 6 hour road trip to Raleigh, SC to see game 6 of the series between the New Jersey Devils and the Carolina Hurricanes. Marty wasn't his usual smiley self, he was very intense as shown in this picture. Of course that intensity didn't do a whole hell of a lot, they lost the game and went on to lose the series, but hey...I love this picture.

1. DUH! It's me and Flower! How can this not be Number 1? I'm in the picture with one of my very favorite goalies, Marc-Andre Fleury. Go Flower!

Let me know how you like the countdown idea. Let me know if you have any ideas or requests!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thrashers' Olympians So Far

Team Sweden announced their Olympic team this morning. While I was truly sad that Johan "Moose" Hedberg was not named as at least the 3rd back up goalie (I mean Liv, again? Really) I was delighted to see that Toby Enstrom, Atlanta's best little D man was on the roster!

Mother Russian chose her champions earlier this month and it was no surprise that Ilya Kovalchuk was on the roster.

A bit more of a surprise was the naming of Max Afinogenov.

As more and more teams announce their rosters, we see more Thrashers being named. Don Waddell said Bogosian is a bit young, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him anyway. Ron Hainsey would be another possible choice. Boris Valabik will probably be announced for Slovakia and Ondrej Pavelec could get the nod for at least a back up spot on the Czech Team.

Congratulations gentlemen!! You have made us proud!!

Some Practice Fun From Last Week

The Thrashers are (sucking) on a big road trip until January and I've been sick, so no real photo op chances lately. They do practice today, but I'm still feeling like crap, so I'll probably skip it.

I did go last week though on a mission. Actually, I've been on this mission for the last 3 practices. I needed Peverley's autograph on some stuff. I "met" this guy on the Thrashers official web board who was a big Rich Peverley fan. He had been following him since Rich was with the Carolina Stingrays. I thought that was cool, so I sent him a disk at the end of last season with all of the pictures of Peverley I had taken last season. I told him I'd get him a game program and have Rich autograph it when he was on the cover. I didn't realize it would take so long! Pevs was never on a cover last season and it took them almost half of the season this time to get him on it, but they finally did. About the same time, Pevs had a really nice big article in "The Hockey News" so I thought I'd get him to autograph that as well.

I headed to practice knowing it would be a zoo. School is out so the kids are all there. Those kids hit the players hard, too. For the players, it's like like walking through the streets and being accosted by panhandlers..."CAN I HAVE YOUR STICK??" "COLBY, CAN I HAVE YOUR STICK??" "KANE, CAN I HAVE YOUR STICK??" Over and over 100 times by shrill little voices. So I'm up on the bleachers standing over the chaos. Me and another guy teamed up, he was after Pavelec and I was after Peverley so we worked around each other in the same limited space.

As Rich came off of the ice and made his way through the mass of little screaming bodies he looked up and saw my waving the clipboard and fought his way over. I found a little piece of paper in my purse and wrote "to Andy" on it and put it on the clip board so he would know who to make it out to. Hilarity ensued.

He signed the program, check!

He signed the article, check

He signed the Burger King receipt....oh wait.

It was so loud and chaotic in there, he couldn't hear me. He just looked up at me to make sure I was done and I yelled "THANK YOU RICH!" Isn't that cute??

I also went to the final practice before Christmas. I had a few Christmas cards for some of the guys. It was again absolutely chaos. TONS of children. The kids were my hero that day though. They pissed off one of the ebayers and she stormed out, bwahaha.

I got there early enough to see Kari on the ice! He was kind of skating with the team...but not really. He was on his way off the ice when everyone was coming out.

Of course everyone is glad to see Karpa!

I would love to see Kari suit up for the Thrashers ASAP. Maybe him coming back would give the team a boost. Pavs and Moose have played well and have had moments of brilliance, but you can never go wrong with getting your starting goalie back. ANY boost the Thrashers could get is welcome.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Comes Early For Me....Moose Mic'd Up

Thank you, Santa! Apparently I have been a VERY good girl. Is there anything better than a Swedish goalie yelling in Spanish and cursing in Russian? I think not. My favorite is at about minute 1:20 when he yells "SUCK ON IT" to Kozzy in English and Russian. I was there that day, too. I remember the little boy in front. I also love how when he comes out and people start cheering and calling "moooooose" he is like "yup yup yup." And of course you have to love the "I'm gonna poke check him. He never learns."

Thrashers vs Canadiens...for the final time of the season

For the final home game of the year for the Thrashers, Montreal came to town. It seems like the Habs were just here, oh yeah...THEY WERE. Just a little over a week ago, the Thrashers beat the Habs in 3-4 in OT, I was hoping to send the large number of Habs fans home crying again. I will have to admit, all of the Habs fans in attendance were fun and well behaved. Habs fans are usually on the top of my shit list because of their elitist attitude that they are the only place in the universe where hockey should be and somewhere like Atlanta certainly shouldn't have it.

I brought a sign for Kovy. Things aren't looking good according to rumors. Some guy in a Thrashers jersey came by and said "He's never going to sign a contract." I acted like I didn't hear him, asshole. One of my facebook friends in Montreal said that my sign was on tv! I wish I could have seen it.

And of course I had my "God Jul Moose" sign. The lights were going and the star was blinking, it was gorgeous!!!

Moose drives all the ladies crazy. He has a lot of female fans. I can hold my own with most, but this new competition is out of hand. How can I compete with this??? How adorable is she? She sometimes has a sign that says "Moose is my friend." If I had that sign, they'd get security. She was at practice with a sign that said "Moose is cooler than ice cream." Who does that but a 6 year old? Her mom is the one who has all of the cool signs for every player that she holds up when they score, fight, etc. I was supposed to send her some pictures, but lost her email. If you know this moosetacular little girl or her family, let me know. My buddy Kerry took this picture of the Mooselette and our friend Randy.

Habs fans waiting for their beloved Les Habitants.

Warm ups!

Moose checking my sign out. Moose always smiles at my signs. Yes Moose, I know it's the one from last year, but it blinks. It has a battery pack strapped to back for God's sake.

Slater on net duty.

Pavs waiting for his turn to warm up.

Hainsey cleaning pucks out of the net, guess he didn't think Slater did a good enough job.

Ilya zooming down the ice.

Ilya loves his gum. I caught him mid bubble.

He's checking out the sign I made him. Several guys read it.

By request, some Anssi Salmela.

A few seconds after this picture, they were playing "Birthday" from 50 Cent and Colby totally busted me doing the head bob and dancing. Embarrassing.


I'm so excited Boris is playing well after he came back. It's not easy being a Bobo fan sometimes. His skating is improved, his positioning is better and he's not a penalty magnet.

Schubert has been playing well, too. I like a defensive pairing of him and Boris.

Marty coming in for a shot on the Moose.

Some more Anssi.

You better warm up well, Halak. You are about to have to play your balls off. He's checking my sign out.

First period!

Halak making a save.

Woo Hoo, Georges Laraque! I love Laraque. I would really like to meet him one day. Such a bruiser on the ice, such a civic minded, kid loving mush off of the ice.

I love ya Georges, but don't score on my Moose!

Coming out of the face off.

The boys discussing some things.

Hainsey taking in to the Canadiens' zone.

Halak making another great save.

Antro waiting for the puck and putting his big ass in front of Halak.

He got the puck and tried to put it in, but it went airborn!

Hal Gill is a hooker! I wish! He did take a hooking call though and the Thrashers go on the powerplay.

A good chance on net, but Halak turns it away.

Penalty is over and Hal is set free.

As Michelle says, the boys are having a little "meet and greet."

Action in front of Moose.

I love when Moose gets feisty and pushes around the guys that are in his crease.

Some Habs fans over in the One-Oh-Douche a/k/a the tea and crumpets sections. Our 1/2 empty club section is not used to passion like that.

At the end of the first period, the Thrashers had put 18 shots on Halak and we were up 1-0. The Thrashers rarely out shoot our opponents, but we led 18-3 in SOG. We outshot the Habs last time as well.

Second period!

Welcome to this end of the ice Halak!

Opening face off.

Bien fait, Habs fans! I love it when the opposing team fans put on the kiss cam play along with it. Buffalo and Philly trash usually flip off the camera. Boston fans did an obscene gesture as well. You are at a hockey game, have some fun!

Some MORE action in front of Halak.

Action getting out of control.

Army has his game face on. Get some, Army!!!

Almost! Open your eyes, Army!

AGH! Another great save by Halak.

Kane has been a chippy little bastard in the last few games.

Although the Thrashers outshot the Habs 18-10, the scoreboard was all Habs in the second period and Atlanta was down 2-1. One of the goals was a PPG scored by Andre Kostitsyn. Our penalty kill has been one of the best in the entire league all season, but the wheels are slowly falling off of it. We need to get that going again, boys!

Third Period!

Halak has a wardrobe malfunction. Hell maybe his skates caught on fire from all those saves he made.

Equipment guys having a look at Halak's pads.

Moose looking serious. I was looking pretty serious after he let in a goal on 3 shots. Sorry Moose!

A scary moment came when Little went down on the ice and couldn't get up for a while. I believe he took a puck to the foot. He came back out later.

Thrash spraying a good natured Habs fan with silly string.

Us on another power play. Antropov scored!

We were in the Chick Fil A lucky section, woo hoo! Marissa sat and spent some quality time with the cow, we didn't even get a hook up! He left and walked down the stairs tossing out freebies. Nothing for his friends!! You can see my husband's jersey on the jumbo tron by the black arrow.

Nik Antropov decided to make the 3rd period his bitch and scored 2 goals! My friend Kerry has a theory that if he sees Antropov smile during warm ups, he scores. This has worked 3 games in a row! Hockey fans aren't like other fans!
The Thrashers are up 3-2 and there is like 3 minutes left in the game. Bogosian takes a hooking penalty. Nice time to be a hooker, Zack. With 1:45 left in the game, in another demonstration of our penalty kill going to hell in a hand basket, Bergeron puts a wrister in and breaks the heart of all the Thrashers fans. End of the 3rd period and the game is tied.

Over Time!

I should have known this wouldn't end well when they put Antro in the faceoff.

Half way through the OT period, Bergeron decides that the punch in the stomach wasn't enough and goes on to kick us in the nuts winning the game with another wrist shot.

Well, hey, these guys were happy. I'm usually pretty rough on Habs fans, but all the ones I encountered were very nice, even if they probably think I don't "deserve" a hockey team. I really don't care what the guy I circled thinks, because he is super cute.

Halak put on a freaking show. He faced 50 shots and made 47 saves. Him not being one of the 3 stars of the game is complete bullshit. The three stars were Bergeron, Plekanec and Antropov. He should have at least had the 2nd star. He had like a .940 save percentage for crying out loud.

Strangely enough, this is the final time we see the Habs in Blueland this season. Au revoir, Habs.


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