Monday, December 20, 2010

Alternate Universe: Thrashers Vs Devils a/k/a the Return of the Moose

It goes without saying that I've been looking forward to this game since Moose announced he was signing with the Devil. I've missed him so! So you can imagine my horror to discover that I had a flat tire. Fortunately my wonderful husband took care of everything and got me to the game on time so I could put my signs up. I forgot how much I missed making the moose signs. I had my own little Moose corner ready. I was lucky enough for my buddy Holly to get this picture. AWESOME! When he skated by us, the smile on his face was amazing. Seriously it was ear-to-ear and I'm surprised it didn't pop his mask off. I only brought 4 signs because I was worried about space. I could easily have had one or two more...NEXT TIME!

Everyone was happy to see the Moose, including his old border, Toby Enstrom. The days of Toby living in the Moose's basement are over, but they remain friends.

Oh yeah there were some other guys there, too. The Devils have been an abysmal failure this season. Spirits are low and that can be seen on Captain Langenbruner's face.

Oh yeah, some other clown in a goalie suit was there, too. I hear he's pretty good.

marty haz a sad.

I have so missed looking across the ice and seeing Johan.

Look at that smile! I'm telling you this is no where close to the smile he had when he skated by us.

Kovy: blah blah blah everyone loves the Moose.
Moose: You have a few signs over there.
Kovy: Have you read them?!?!

Well well well, I finally figured out how to make Marty look at my signs...make them for SOMEONE ELSE!

It's weird for me to see Arnott back as a Devil. I was used to seeing him as a Pred.

Marty makes the most horrible face.

Martin Broduer, the most winning goalie of all time.

Marty doing his "hanging" stretch. Chris Mason does this, too.

Langs and Clarkie. The HF boards call Clarkson "Clarktard." I still love him though.

I almost felt bad for Kovy...almost. He was of course greeted by "Koval $uck" and "Kovalchoke" signs. Like his season wasn't going badly enough, he had to come to his former home ice and hear it from the fans. That's okay, he can't hear them, he has hundred dollar bills in his ears.

Kovy, Mair and Rolston waiting to take shots.

Clarky still managing to look cocky regardless of the Devils' season.

I was super excited to get to see Moose's new mask in action.

Moose hugging the pipe.

Swarming the Moose.

This was a super bizarre game. Over the last few season if I had said "there is team in the east doing really well. They have Johnny Oduya on defense. They are playing tonight against a team with Ilya Kovalchuk and Johan Hedberg and this team is in the basement" the New Jersey Devils aren't the team that would come to mind for the basement part. Not to mention we were in a packed arena of 17,000+. We would also have a hattrick and fight from unlikely sources.

We were all hoping to see the Moose play, but of course that greedy bastard Brodeur wouldn't let that happen. FINE! If we want to see the Moose, we'd have to chase Marty from the crease. That would be fine, too! I was so pleased when they announced Moose's name as an "old friend." He got a rousing ovation and an arena full of Mooooooooooooooooooose.

Randy and I got to our seats and realized we were in the section where a lot of the players' families sit. Nik Antropov's kid is there. Then a lady and her kids sit down in front of us and we realize, it's the Boulton clan! Can I tell you how impressed I was with this chick? She had 3 kids in tow and managed to feed Goldfish, raisins and crackers to all the kids, wipe their mouths, wish Merry Christmas to several people, take a phone call and plan a dinner outing all while never taking her eyes off the ice. It was cute to see her cheer "Go Eric!" Once I yelled "Way to go, Boultsie" and got the death stare from the older son. Don't worry pumpkin, I like your dad!
Evander Kane up in Marty's crease.

Stewie decides he likes it there, too.

They are making Marty work!

In the first period Atlanta really took it to Jersey. Ron Hainsey, Eric Boulton and Evander Kane all scored. Down 3-0 as the Devils took the ice for the 2nd period, we had a different goalie to face. We chased Marty from the net and now it was Mooooooooooooooooose time. He got another rousing Mooooooooooooooooose call, but that was immediately followed by a "Let's Go Thrashers" chant.

Zubrus making life difficult for Pavs.

Brent does not look excited about that shot heading for him. He should have realized it was Kovy and that he'd probably fan on it anyway.

Sara Beth is excited to see her favorite player back in the creases of Blueland.

Pavelec's Dogs are back as well.

The 3rd period was more misery and despair for the Devils. Atlanta scored again. One shot of happiness, Ilya Kovalchuk scored. He just about got booed off the ice. We had already been booing whenever he touched the puck, but this added insult to injury. Thrashers go into the 3rd period up 4 to1.

Moose stretching out and getting ready. I've missed seeing him do is pinball flap warm ups. Flippy-flap...flippy-flap

His world is already collapsing, now his net is, too! I didn't even think this was going to be a goal, but it was! Boulton got his second goal of the night!

I love Moose's stick handling. He is one of the better stick handlers in the league. Unfortunately when you go out and handle the puck, it's a big risk.

Devils disaster in 3...2...1

Moose sent it around and Eric Boulton was waiting. Moose got tangled up with Ladd and Boultsie got a goal. This was his first multi goal game and it was a freaking hat trick! Eric Boulton with a hat trick! I finally got to see my first home hat trick.

Boultsie is the man! To make this even more bizarre, with 5 minutes to go in the game, Rich Peverely and Travis Zajac got into a fight! That's right, Eric Boulton with a hat trick and Rich Peverley with a fight. *cue Twilight Zone music*

The Thrashers win 7-1!!! What a night for the Greek Gods! Boults with a hat trick, Thorburn with a goal and two assists and Slater with an assist. Boultsie's wife and kids left their seats before his hat trick goal, but I'm sure they were watching from the back. I'm glad his family could be there to see it.

Eric Boulton was the first star of the game and the guest at the post game show (hosted by everyone's favorite Thrashers covering radio station, your home for Thrashers coverage, 680 the Fan). We were all cheering "We want Boults" before he came out. Then when he was leaving we were chanting "Er-ic Boul-ton clap clap clap clap Er-ic Boul-ton."


Beth Dolgner December 21, 2010 at 11:24 AM  

That was nearly the perfect hockey game for me. What an amazing night. I was on the other end for warm-ups (debuting my new Greek Gods sign!) and saw you down there with your Moose signs. I knew he would love it.

It's funny you mention Moose's warm-up moves. My husband calls that the Moose Wiggle.

Michelle December 21, 2010 at 11:20 PM  

I'm with Beth, this had to be one of the best games yet for me too. It was so great to see the Moose, and what a well played game by our Sons of Blueland.

TK December 22, 2010 at 8:13 AM  

Just wanted to chime in and say that I like all the pictures from the game.

Note - My family was right in front of you and your husband (and next to the Boulton family) on Saturday night. It's too bad they had to leave early and missed their dad/husband get a hat trick.

I also like the dig at 680 on this post. Do any of their "personalities" outside of Kincade even know we have a team or care? I guess they'd rather talk about 4th string UGA football players than learn about hockey.

Keep up the good work on this blog!

Sunshine36616 December 22, 2010 at 8:36 AM  

Hey TK! It was nice to meet you, thanks for the comments. You have inspired me though, Randy is actually not my husband, everyone thinks he is though. I think I'm gonna do a post about that. Thanks :)

TK December 22, 2010 at 9:53 AM  

Sorry about the mix-up. I've had people think my younger sister, who I converted to a hockey fan a few years ago, is my wife.

I think one of her worst fears is us being at a game and being put on the kiss cam. Luckily I'm usually in the upper deck so we aren't likely to make it on camera.

Anonymous December 22, 2010 at 7:56 PM  

That picture of Moose smiling is PERFECTION. Seriously. I only wish Kovy could have felt a little love, too. What a horrible season for all the Devs.

What radio station would air Thrashers' game if it wasn't for 680? I'm not a fan of Kincaide, but I am very grateful the Thrashers have a contract with a major ATL sports station.

Sunshine36616 December 27, 2010 at 6:12 PM  

No worries, TK. Randy and I already have it planned out. A kiss on the cheek or we'll both kiss our cameras or something lol. If that happens to you guys, just pull her over and give her a peck on top of the head, lol.

Anonymous, seriously, what a bad season for them. It sucks, I like the Devils and it's just a world of suck for them.

Someone would play the games. There is SOMETHING in it for 680 or they wouldn't do it. It's not like they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart. I don't really care about whatever else most fans usually have beefs with 680 for. I have Sirius/XM and listen to the NHL network for news. I only started having issues with them when they wouldn't let us post Thrasher updates on the FB page. They post scores on the page on their own now so we are square!


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